A new start

Welcome to our new website at Julie and I (Wolfgang, hence J a W....) wanted to change it for a while to give our pictures and galleries a new home.

But like with many other things in life, life happened over and over until we finally decided NOW is a good time.

Moving our domain and rebuilding the site from scratch takes time and we appreciate your patience and also your feedback. We are always striving to show off some amazing photographs and through our photo tours also try to bring some of you a bit closer to the action.

In this department we are working on some exciting news and hope to bring them to you in the next month or so. There will be some more wildlife photography, wildlife photography tours and courses coming your way!!!

Said enough for now, back to editing and uploading and formating and re-typing stuff - hope to have you back soon...


Plain Bison in snow
A few Plain Bison captured on a chilly (-35 C) morning near Edmonton

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