Goat & Gopher Cards 'n Stuff

Mountain Goat

Who is Goat & Gopher Cards ‘n Stuff?

We are the nature/wildlife photography division of Julie & Wolfgang Photography Ltd. It was formerly called JaW Nature Photography.

Julie & Wolfgang Photography Ltd. focuses on portrait and fine art photography services. Goat & Gopher Cards ‘n Stuff focuses on physical and digital products.

How did we come up with the name?

Goat & Gopher is another way to think of us. Wolfgang grew up in Austria near the Alps. Julie grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan surrounded by the prairies. A few years back, on one of our many nature photography trips, Wolfgang was jumping from rock to rock while I was working up the courage to carefully step from one rock to another. I asked him to come back to give me a hand and called him a mountain goat. He smiled and called me a gopher.

What will Goat & Gopher Cards 'n Stuff sell?

Cards 'n Stuff! The cards refers to greeting cards. First we'll have a subscription box and later we'll offer box sets. Stuff is everything else. We will be offering wall art, calendars, bookmarks and more.

What is Goat & Gopher Cards ‘n Stuff all about?

We believe that spending time in nature is essential for everyone’s wellbeing. It improves our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. And when we can’t spend time in nature, looking at nature photos or videos and listening to nature sounds can have calming effects on the brain.

We believe in being kind and thoughtful.

We believe that everything we do affects our planet, and we strive to lead sustainable lives.

We believe in less stress and less guilt. We aren’t perfect and we don’t try to be. We look for ways to make life a little easier and a lot better.

What is the Greeting Card Subscription box?

The idea started last fall… we have so many beautiful nature photos. It would be great to share our photos with others. But how? In stores? Online? On greeting cards as a monthly subscription box!

What is a monthly subscription box? It’s an awesome way to get mail every month. It’s filled with items created or curated by the creator of the box.

Our greeting card subscription box will have four greeting cards (blank inside) featuring our nature photos, four Canadian domestic postage stamps and note paper.

The four greeting card photos will feature photos taken by us (Julie & Wolfgang Photography Ltd.) and will be one mammal, one bird, one without animals (landscapes, flowers, etc.) and one ‘wild’ card which will remain a mystery until you open your box.

Goat & Gopher’s mission is to make it easy for you to send love, support and smiles through the mail.

How can you stay up-to-date on all things Goat & Gopher?

Just click here and enter your email address. Right now it's set so the opt-in email will come from JaW Nature Photos but will be updated to Goat & Gopher soon.

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